Fire Safety Isn't Seasonal


Fire Safety Isn't Seasonal

We typically focus on fire safety and preventing chimney fires during the burn season, but the reality is that fires can occur at any time of the year! Make sure you're staying vigilant about fire safety practices and educating your friends and family.

How to Build a Fire in Your Fireplace

There’s no one right way to build a fire in your fireplace. But there are some tips and tricks to help build a fire that lights easily, lasts long, and provides maximum heat!

Holiday Fireplace Safety Tips!

Safety is our #1 priority here at RUTLAND Products, so we couldn't miss this opportunity to share some quick safety tips about holiday decorating!

DIY Decorations for your Fireplace Mantel, Christmas Tree and More!

Most of us are spending more time than we ever have in our homes – now with the holidays approaching, take this opportunity to turn your home into a winter wonderland with these creative DIY decorations for your fireplace mantel, Christmas tree, and more!