Build a Simple Fire Pit with RUTLAND Products

Building a fire pit is a simple way to give your family the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors all year long! This great weekend project allows you to customize the exterior look of your fire pit as well as the surface you build it on. And you can enjoy your first fire by Sunday evening!

  1. Clear or create a space outdoors on a level surface that will not burn – such as sand or pavement.
  2. Place a fire ring in the middle of the area. Add the pavers or fire bricks of your choice snugly around the outside circumference.
  3. Remove the ring and start adding more pavers or fire bricks on top of the bottom layer. Continue until you have a stack of 3 all the way around.
  4. Mortar between the fire bricks or pavers with RUTLAND Castable Refractory Cement, item #600/601, using the instructions found on the product labeling.
  5. Allow the cement to air dry for 24 hours before starting a fire.
  6. Insert the fire ring at the top of the highest layer, pull up your lounge chairs, and build your first leisure fire!

    NOTE: You can also use RUTLAND Castable Refractory Cement to create custom brick shapes for a more detailed and artistic fire pit design. The possibilities are endless!


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