Fire Pit Safety Tips

A fire pit is an enjoyable addition to any back yard. It's inexpensive to use, entertaining, and extends the recreational use of your yard throughout the fall and winter months.

But using a fire pit is literally playing with fire. Careless misuse could not only set your own house ablaze, but also could spark a grass fire and endanger nearby people, structures, and homes.

Firefighters recommend the following important fire safety tips regarding positioning of your fire pit to prevent the potential for destruction that an errant spark can cause. Whether you are using a portable fire pit or planning to install a permanent one, proper positioning is the key to keeping you, your family, and friends safe during its use:

  • Position a fire pit a minimum of 10 linear feet away from any structure or neighboring yard – 25 feet is preferable.
  • Never position a fire pit under a covered porch or low hanging tree branches.
  • Always place a fire pit on a non-flammable surface, such as patio blocks or concrete.
  • Never place a fire pit on a wooden deck or directly on grass.

These simple guidelines from firefighters will allow you, your family, and friends to enjoy your fire pit year round.

In addition to the above guidelines, always use RUTLAND Products when enjoying your fire pit to easily start your fire, enjoy flames in many colors, and keep your fire pit operating at peak efficiency throughout the years!

Contact RUTLAND at 800-544-1307 to find out how RUTLAND Products can help you safely enjoy your fire pit equipment!

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