Creosote Antidote, Chimney Cleaning Fire Logs, 2-Pack


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Recommended Frequency of Soot/Creosote Remover Use Based on Wood Type

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Rutland Creosote Antidote, Chimney Cleaning Fire Logs, 2-Pack Creosote Sweeping Firelogs, 2.45 lbs Each Treatment

SKU: 98A

  • Two treatments at 2.45 lbs each
  • Concentrated formula provides triple the cleaning power of conventional creosote removing products
  • Place one log into a wood fire or hotbed of coals to prevent dangerous creosote buildup
  • No wax additives mean a cleaner burn when treating creosote buildup
  • Converts creosote buildup into a brushable ash, preventing chimney fires
  • Fire burns cleaner and improves efficiency of appliance

With Rutland Creosote Antidote Logs, you get triple the cleaning power compared to conventional products, helping prevent dangerous creosote buildup in your fireplace. Just pop one log into the fire or coals, and it aids in keeping creosote at bay. These logs are wax-free, so they burn cleanly, assisting in preventing chimney fires. They work by converting creosote buildup into brushable ash, contributing to the care of your chimney and improving appliance performance. Each pack contains two logs, providing ongoing maintenance for your peace of mind. Keep your fireplace in top condition with Rutland Creosote Antidote Logs.