With regular use, all fireplaces, fireplace inserts, wood-burning stoves, gas log stoves, and fire pits require attention to keep a like-new finish.

That's why their beauty – as well as your continued enjoyment of your wood-burning or gas log stove, fireplace, or fire pit – depends on regular cleaning, polishing, and/or painting to prolong their ability to provide the relaxation and ambiance you want in your leisure fires. RUTLAND Polishes help restore life and beauty to unpainted cast iron and steel stove exteriors with buffing to a lustrous glow.

RUTLAND Paints are specially formulated to renew and protect the finish of steel and cast iron stove exteriors. They resist peeling and blistering when subjected to temperatures up to 1200º or 1400º. These high-quality, fast-drying paints also can be used for stainless steel pipes, chimney caps, and fire boxes.

RUTLAND Cleaners remove soot, smoke and mineral residue, carbon, creosote, and grime from fireplace and stove glass doors. For example, wood-burning stoves accumulate a brownish black film or white hazy deposit on glass doors. While this haze probably isn’t harming your wood stove, it certainly hurts the appearance of your fire. RUTLAND Cleaners for masonry surfaces also can dissolve and remove buildup from the grime and greasy dirt byproducts of a burning fire without dangerous acids. Check out RUTLAND Polishes, Paints & Cleaners for all your fire product cleaning, polishing, and paint needs!