Fireplace Maintenance Checklist

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If electing not to get your chimney professionally cleaned, make sure to do it yourself! Use RUTLAND Chimney Brushes & Rods to clean out any soot and creosote, and then sweep out the firebox and dispose of the debris. 

Clean the fireplace insert and replace the insulation with RUTLAND Fiberglass Insulation (#105).

Clean the fireplace glass with RUTLAND Conditioning Glass Cleaner (#84) to ensure that ash, soot, and creosote deposits are not sitting on the glass for months on end. For gas fireplaces, use RUTLAND White Off® Glass Cleaning Cream (#565).

Clean your brick fireplace with RUTLAND Brick & Stone Cleaner (#83-6). Give your fireplace and firebox a fresh coat of RUTLAND paint (#80/81/81V).  Start preparing next year’s wood supply! Keep your chopped firewood stacked, elevated from the ground, and covered to allow it to dry properly. Use RUTLAND Stack-N-Store Brackets to keep your firewood elevated (#30360R). 

Download Fireplace End-of-Season Maintenance Checklist

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