Flexible Poly Pellet Stove Brush Extension Rods

For best use you will need: 1/4"- 20 Male Threads and 1/4"-20 Female Rod End This flexible, 0.25″ diameter poly rod fits RUTLAND Pellet Stove Vent Brushes and easily maneuvers through 30° and 40° offsets, and 90° bends.


Make sure that fire is completely extinguished and the chimney is cold along its length before you begin.

Wear appropriate eye protection, gloves, and an approved dust mask.

Cover fireplace or stove opening and all items in work area. 

The most effective methods for cleaning are the Top-Down or Bottom-Up methods, using RUTLAND Extension Rods. 

Always work brush up and down several times as needed.

Be aware of electrical and fire hazards. Safety precautions should be used while working on roof. 

Use caution when handling brushes.  Wire can injure eyes and puncture skin.

An annual inspection and cleaning by a certified chimney technician is highly recommended. 

Bottom Up Method: This method is often messy since sealing the opening cannot be done during cleaning. Cover area around opening to prevent staining floor, rugs, or furniture. Clean brush after use. These rods are very flexible and, when used with a pellet stove vent brush, are designed to go around 90° bends. Clean pellet stove pipe vent from inside the stove, or disconnect piping from back of stove and clean from there. Insert brush and rod up through the pellet stove vent pipe. Add more rods as necessary to reach the top of the vent. Use up and down motion to clean the vent pipe. 

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