RUTLAND leads the way in professional products designed to meet the rugged requirements of professional chimney sweeps with our trusted Wizard System® – featuring RUTLAND's unique Torque Lock Connector design for easily connecting RUTLAND brushes, rods, tools, and adapters! Our Master Sweep® Chimney Brushes are available in multiple configurations – round, square, and rectangular – as well as Round Poly Pro and Flat Wire. Complementing the Master Sweep® brushes are a complete line of professional specialty brushes offering professionals the opportunity to thoroughly clean specific areas:
  • SweepsAll® Brushes for use on masonry or metal and specially suited for cleaning offset chimneys and flues relined with flexible pipe,
  • Cyclone Brush that spread out using the ProKleen® drill and rod system to efficiently clean smoke chambers, and
  • Duct Cleaning Brushes designed to thoroughly clean air ducts where vigorous scrubbing is not required.

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The RUTLAND ProKleen® Build-a-Wizard system provides the professional chimney sweep with the right tools to tackle the toughest cleaning jobs. Accumulated glazed creosote and crust are no match for this unique system of tools for spinning. For fast and efficient results, a sweep merely needs to choose a drill adapter, rods, and tools to get the job done right! RUTLAND Torque Lock Connector (TLC) Rods offer quick-connect for solid, dependable work results! RUTLAND Wizard System® Torque Lock Connector (TLC) Adapters allow gradual transition to the RUTLAND Wizard System® TLC line of products. A variety of choices is offered to satisfy the needs of professional sweeps! Accessories for professional chimney sweeps include RUTLAND's Tile Breakers, providing the professional sweep with plenty of power, weight, and balance for spinning. In addition, the professional sweep will appreciate the high-quality Rod Caddy for carrying extension rods and small tools to job sites.