Oscillating Wood Stove Fan, 5-Blade Heat-Powered


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Rutland Oscillating Wood Stove Fan, 5-Blade Heat-Powered, 220 CFM and Oscillation for Maximum Efficiency, Burn Indicator Included



  • Premium quality and airflow of 220 CFM
  • Further improves efficiency by oscillating side-to-side
  • Burn indicator included

Introducing RUTLAND's Oscillating Heat-Powered Wood Stove Fan, a 5-blade fan that oscillates side-to-side, saving you up to 14% in wood usage by transferring heat from your wood stove to your living area in a 60° range. It does not require batteries or electricity! The fan is completely powered by the radiant heat of your wood stove by converting it to electricity. A wood stove burn indicator is included, allowing visibility so you can ensure you're burning efficiently and not accumulating dangerous creosote needlessly. Simply place on top of your woodstove to warm your room up to 40% faster.